Association's Charity

The most beautiful miracle

Such a vast charity as the Home of Providence is, required heavenly help. This could not come from a better source than from St. Anthony, the Thaumaturge given by God to the benefit of the suffering!

by the Editorial Office

Alongside the poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor, who have been in Padua for almost a hundred years, have done a lot of good work during that time thanks also to the economic help given to them by our Association.
by the Editorial office

Forty years in Bethlehem among the “Infant Jesus” of today

Sister Donatella Lessio who, for the past eleven years, has worked in the Caritas Baby Hospital, the only children’s hospital in the town where Jesus was born, wants to share her experiences with us.

by the Editorial Office

Trusting in prayer

The Association has been on special terms with the Hermits of the Convent of St. Bonadventura, based on prayer, since the time of our founder Don Antonio Locatelli.

by the editorial office