Association's Charity

Next to the poor and elderly

Jeanne Jugan, the founder of The Little Sisters of the Poor, was a notable figure of a holy woman, involved in service to the elderly with her motto “serving the elderly with love and respect”.

by the Editorial Staff

To them he was a father

It is twenty years now since Mgr Francesco Frasson, the first Director of the Home of Providence died on 28 June 1995, yet his memory still remains alive in those who knew him.

by Alfredo Pescante

Now, not bread alone

Together with the three quintals of fresh bread that are daily distributed in via Locatelli to those who are in need, now there is also fruit and various other food-stuff that would otherwise have been destroyed, meeting with great appreciation.

by Alfredo Pescante

Beyond the walls there is the call to that which is worth it

Our society has great difficulty in understanding the meaning of a life that has been totally donated to the Lord, in a hermitage. And yet, these nuns show us the reason for our pilgrimaging.

by Alfredo Pescante