Association's Charity

Totally devoted to prayer

Many faithful have learnt to meet these nuns, who are devoted to prayer, meditating together with them Jesus’ Infinite love for us, shown in the miraculous XVI century Crucifix.

by Alfredo Pescante

A clear example of dedication and of love for the Lord

They guarantee us their prayers, fruit of that missionary urge that characterizes their existence, and during their prayers they present God with the needs of the Church and of the whole world.

by the Director

The roots of the Home come from his goodness

The serious accusations that Don Giuseppe Paccagnella had to face, did not stain his charity nor his integrity as a priest. On similar roots the Boys’ Home could not but prosper.

by the Director

The poor man’s hands are Christ’s money box

The origins of the Bread for the Poor Charity go back to a prodigious act by the Saint who brought back to life little Tommasino. But it was Don Locatellli who spread it.

by the Director