Association's Charity

The sufferers of Alzheimer’s

An interview with the director of the Centre, Dr. Vignali. Dementia can not be improved, but at times one can notice improvements in behaviour, thanks to a special environment like ours.

by Alfredo Pescante

As a cure, the pedagogy of beauty

There are eight guests in the Home, between Italian and foreigners, who are followed with great competence and understanding by a valid staff of educators, who are capable of leading them to becoming independent, mature and well prepared.

by Alfredo Pescante

Totally devoted to prayer

Many faithful have learnt to meet these nuns, who are devoted to prayer, meditating together with them Jesus’ Infinite love for us, shown in the miraculous XVI century Crucifix.

by Alfredo Pescante

A clear example of dedication and of love for the Lord

They guarantee us their prayers, fruit of that missionary urge that characterizes their existence, and during their prayers they present God with the needs of the Church and of the whole world.

by the Director