Association's Charity

The “war for bread”

Only in the immediate post-war period was there a similarly dramatic situation such as there is today. This is testified by the poverty that some families, both local and foreign, have fallen into.

by the Director

It also gives hospitality to both old and sick priests

Some of them are admitted for a limited period, above all to be treated, given the high level of specialization of the doctors in the Home, then they return to their pastoral duties.

by the Director

Help for the hospital at Nyahururu (Kenya)

Msgr. Luigi Paiaro, Bishop of Nyahururu (Kenya) asks for our collaboration for his Diocese’s project for building a large articulated hospital entitled “Benedict XVI Catholic Hospital”.

by Alfredo Pescante

Excellent services

Here trust in Providence has never failed, this not only keeps the Institute alive, but also improves the quality of the services given to the guests with the creation of new treatments and wards.

by the Director