How difficult it is to always find them under one’s feet!

Big and little hold-ups that we face every day drive us to use our patience in the name of a greater love. But don’t let us confuse it with tolerance... God, himself, is the master of patience

by Paola Zampieri

Poor eyesight

In Hebrew to indicate the verb contemplate they use a word that also indicates to discover: one who contemplates does not only see, one discovers the deep reality of things and desires to go beyond.

by Elide Siviero

The tree of the 40 fruits

This rich, multicoloured tree is, in my eyes, one of the most beautiful icons of the Church.

by Elide Siviero

The art of Kintsugi

For us a thing is either intact or broken, in the same way a person is healthy or sick. Instead this art tells us that a thing that is in pieces can be re-elaborated, re-examined and transformed.

by Elide Siviero