Do not leave God alone!

Faced with the expectations of a humanity in search of peace, of countries that ask for justice, of families that hope in harmony we are called to intercede with constant persistent prayers.

by Carlo Broccardo

It gives hope to our crosses and trials

They had been waiting for the miracle for thousands of years. Millions of people, buried underground no longer looked like sparks from the heart of life and lost for ever, but were seeds full of life.

by Pierluigi Menato

Like a diligent sentry

The words of the prophets can be hard and not very pleasant
but they aim at making those who are going wrong realize it and
change their behaviour. They aren’t a condemnation but a warning.

by Carlo Broccardo

The joy of having God with us

God, the Saint above all others, invites the people to a walk of sanctity that goes through justice and charity towards their neighbours. “You must love your neighbours” Jesus said (Mt5, 28-48) in the New Testament.

by Carlo Broccardo