The scent of a mother

by the Director

May brings us the scent of spring and of the first produce of the land. Our sense of smell and taste are submerged by touching, sweetening and reviving essences (a suffering for allergic people). But the explosion of colours, sounds and scent that invade the air gives new impulse to life.

A joy that goes on

We can not certainly say that St. Anthony was lacking in imagination and ability to revise, in an allegorical way, Luke’s words on the apparition of Jesus: to the Resurrected is offered fish and honey!

by father Luciano Bertazzo

Tempted but not abandoned

by the Director

On Ash Wednesday (this year 1 March) Lent starts, a period of forty days preceding Easter. It is a day of fasting like all the Fridays of the year but the Church has now limited to the Lent Fridays only. The other fasting day is Good Friday (the Friday preceding the Sunday of the Resurrection).