Coherence and freedom

by Paola Zampieri

"When a madman drives his car up onto the pavement, I cannot as a pastor, just be content with burying the dead and comforting the family. I must, if I find myself on the spot, jump up and catch that man at the steering wheel”. Dietrich Bonhoeffer a theologian and evangelical pastor (Breslavia 1906 – Fossenberg 1945) was not afraid of resisting the evil and barbarism of Nazism. He pronounced these words in the German military prison at Tegel answering an Italian prisoner who asked him how he, a man of faith, could take part in a plot against Hitler, thereby showing all the strength of his character. Bonhoeffer was an educated and refined man with extraordinarily profound ideas and tremendous moral strength; he become involved in history and remained faithful to his ideals until the very end, because he was animated by an unshakable faith in God and in his actions.