Every child “counts”

by Domenico Volpi

The UNICEF  report, when referring  to  the  2014  statistics,  says that 6.6 million children died before the age of five due to poverty  and  illnesses  that  could  have  been prevented.  Some  230  million  children have never been registered at their birth, hence it is as though they did not even exist and they can’t even claim government assistance. Then among those who are  of  primary  school  age  57  million don’t go to school, especially the girls. There  are  168  million    children  (5-11 years  of  age)  who  are  forced  to  work, even  for  twelve  hours  a  day,  half  of these work in  dangerous situations. The newspapers and the web news frequently    report  incomplete  data  and  aim  at sensationalism, so that  readers of a certain  age  convince themselves  that, as far as hunger in the world is concerned, un-drinkable water and diseases and so on we are faced with  irresolvable situations,  hence  it  isn’t  even  worthwhile trying to do something about it.