Help to the third world

The Association intends to participate, in the spirit of the Gospel, in the development of the peoples of the Third World. And it is in this spirit that it makes public opinion aware of the problems and needs of the poorer countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America by carrying out projects for their global and independent growth. In Guinea-Bissau (western Africa), in collaboration with the C. U. A. M. M. – doctors for Africa –of Padua, the Association built a hospital (see photo): the inauguration of which was on 6 March 1993. Four years later the Association built a parish church, rectory and schools, entitled to St. Anthony, in the village of Hapur (India). At the time being the Association is building 1500 houses for the fishermen’s families at Guntur (India), which had been so badly hit by the tsunami.  The Association is also active in helping the inhabitants of the Diocese of Nyahururu in Kenya, many of whom suffer from HIV and other serious diseases.