The History of The Magazine

In 1886 Don Antonio Locatelli opened the printers – Tipografia Antoniana-  and also founded the Universal Association of St. Anthony. Then in 1888 he started first, the publication of the magazine “The Saint of Miracles” and then the Libreria Antoniana.

“The Saint of Miracles” is a record that very few magazines can claim. Maybe no even its founder, whose intellectual and organization powers did so much for the diffusion of publications about St. Anthony, could have foreseen such extraordinary results.

The years in which “The Saint of Miracles” started (to the side the cover of the first edition that carried the date of 15 September 1888), were years of great editorial activities, also within the area of the Catholic culture. Many of these initiatives were destined to last for only a few months. Instead “The saint of Miracles”, right from the very beginning, found its specific collocation, without any other ambition other than being an instrument of communication and spiritual union among the devotees of St. Anthony.

There are two aspects that have always characterized the magazine, right from the very beginning: the large amount of space dedicated to dialogue with its readers, testifying to the specific character of this editorial initiative, that has been built up on the approval of its readers, as well as its international opening in various languages, right from the very early editions, these all go to show just how universal devotion to St. Anthony is.

Now we can look back in admiration at our founder’s great initiative, and the ability of all of those who over this long period have contributed to the circulation of this magazine.

According to Leo XIII’s definition St. Anthony is “the Saint of the whole world”, but right from the very beginning, that is 13 June 1231, the day of his death, the Paduans have elected him their patron, claiming him be purely Paduan, expressing the gratitude and affection of the whole city to that Anthony who has, together with “The Saint of Miracles” made himself known through out the world as a centre of culture and faith.

“The Saint of Miracles” carries out a providential duty of not only being a connection among the devotees of St. Anthony, but, also with those who wish to be kept up-to-date with the problems in Christian life. A whole “universe” of faith, affection, confidences and requests revolve around our magazine, for which the editorial office offers answers that are characterized by their clarity and charity. The readers are the true beneficiaries of the magazine. Many of them live in other countries and with their devotion to St. Anthony, they cultivate their religious faith, their love for their homeland and their attachment to the Church.