Papal Blessings

The Universal Association of St. Anthony and the Magazine “The Saint of Miracles” had the approval of the Holy See when they were first established.

On 18 December 1886 Pope Leo XIII sent a “rescript” (a written answer by the Pope), signed by the Vicar Cardinal, saying: “His Holiness Leo XIII accepted to bless, with all his heart, the Association called the Pious Work and Academy of St. Anthony of Padua the aim of which is to give ever greater honour to the Thaumaturge by imitating his acts, going by his spirit in the arts, and science and promising the greatest good to the Church and society”.

The same Pope Leo XIII, sent two more apostolic “briefs” (one on 29 May 1890 and another on 15 March 1902) to the Association: “We deeply congratulate and praise the Universal Association of St. Anthony and the magazine “the Saint of Miracles”.

St. Pious X sent two apostolic “briefs” on parchment to the director (on 7 May 1904 and on 15 March 1914) saying. “We already knew the aim of the Association that is of actively and zealously working in order to help the poor and promote their devotion to St. Anthony their heavenly patron saint. However all the other things we heard of are for you worth of praise and give us great satisfaction. In fact, we learnt that this Association, that has largely increased in the number of members, so far it has aimed at raising from poverty the poor of the town, building or restoring, in honour of their very holy protector, many churches and chapels in Italy and in other countries and spreading the Word of God among the people through the magazine “The Saint of Miracles” and other publications and booklets issued by its publishing house in order to defend faith and morals. Hence these are enough reasons for deeply congratulating you, beloved Son, and all the members of the Association on the rich fruits of your efforts. We exhort you to be praiseworthy of the health of your neighbours and, if it is possible, try hard to do greater things. In this way you will have our approval and that of all the good people and we assure you that, especially through the intercession of your Protector, St. Anthony, the very benevolent Lord will always help you. The apostolic blessing we are giving to you, beloved Son, and the whole Society you preside over, bears witness of our fatherly benevolence.