Letters to Editor

Who wants to write to the Editor, don Livio Tonello, for a spiritual advise or simply to ask for prayers, can use our email associazione@santodeimiracoli.org.

  • My 16 year-old daughter spends the greatest part of her time sending messages and videos with her friends. At times I am forced to confiscate her mobile for a few hours, otherwise, she wouldn’t even get down to preparing homework for the next day. Personally I use my mobile very little and even less so the computer. I understand that they are important means, but I am tempted to think that they are sucking out our children’s souls. For example, the other day there was a beautiful sunny afternoon, and although I gave her a thousand good reasons for going out to enjoy it, she preferred to spend the time lying on the couch, closed up in our small flat, chatting. I don’t believe that all of these  means  strengthen friendships  among  the young! Whenever she wants to say something to her friend, even something intimate, she does it through messages, avoiding, at all costs, physical contact, even that of a simple telephone call. I really find it difficult to understand all of this.
    P. Z.

  • I happened to hear a priest say that originally Mass was always sung. Is this true? I would like to know “the history of Mass” and ask you: is it possible that it can change in the formula of the readings and symbols, in the near future?
    F. B.
  • I often hear about the 500 years since Luther’s Protestant reform. From what I remember from my school days I know that he had created a new religion, different from ours. Is this true? what - in simple words - are the aspects that divide us? And why does the Pope give it so much attention?

    S. S.

  • Some time ago I read your reply to a woman who had expressed her difficulty in praying due to the many distractions. It made me smile: I am the mother of three children and, to make ends meet and help my husband’s salary, I work as a homehelp for a wealthy family in the afternoons. I start in the morning and rush through the day arriving exhausted in the evening. At times I would like to have this time to pray, which I consider to be a luxury. What can I do?

    T. C.