Letters to Editor

Who wants to write to the Editor, don Livio Tonello, for a spiritual advise or simply to ask for prayers, can use our email associazione@santodeimiracoli.org.

  • I have often noticed a sort of levity in quite a number of people while taking the Eucharist at church. I have frequently seen some chatting soon before and soon after that very special moment during which you should respect silence. I saw people wave hello as if they had just met on the market square, and I’ve got the feeling that the celebrant don’t even reprimand such misbehaviours. Yet, I think that it is a grave offense to Jesus.


  • The figures of the saints I have always loved exhort us to confession very often. But how can I make a good confession without remaining in doubt?

    R. G.


  • I frequently attend the parish and I have a warm relationship of friendship with my priest; I consider him to be a sensible person and a good spiritual guide. Yet, when we follow Mass and come to the sermon... I must be very forbearing. Is it possible that a sermon must always be so long and so far from our daily living? At times I feel tempted to lift up my hand and say: “alright, that’s enough for today”, but I realise that it would be a silly thing to do. There is not a great difference in the other nearby parishes... But is it so difficult to offer the Word of God with simple careful thoughts, that are above all connected to the problems of our daily lives, rather than lots of big theological words whose meaning is difficult to understand?
    L. B.
  • I  was  in  a  friend’s  home the  other  day  and  their  son and  his  fiancée  were  telling us  about  their  friends’  wedding which they had been to a few days before. The father asked if the priest had celebrated  a  lovely  wedding, to which I was tempted to say  that,  in  reality,  the wedding  is  celebrated by the couple every day. My friend was somewhat taken aback, and he was even  more  so  when  the young couple said that the priest  had  said  the  same thing  during  his  sermon  at that  Mass.  We  talked  a  lot about  the  question  than  finally  we  clarified  the  point, but  then  I  began  to  reflex: maybe many marriages are a failure just because we have not  understood  that,  that sacrament is something serious  and  must  be  put  into practice every day?