Letters to Editor

Who wants to write to the Editor, don Livio Tonello, for a spiritual advise or simply to ask for prayers, can use our email associazione@santodeimiracoli.org.

  • Nowadays the progress of medicine helps people, who are in very difficult conditions, to stay alive for much longer. There are patients who, vegetative or unconscious, are kept alive by  machines  for  many years. In the past these people would have died of natural causes. I often wonder if, in  some  cases, “turning off” can be considered a refusal to therapeutic obstinacy instead of euthanasia. Which is the exact border  between these  two  extremes?

    V. Z.

  • I pray every morning, I say  the  Rosary  every evening, but while I’m praying I’m always distracted. I’d like to put more love and feeling into my prayers. How can I do this?
    L. I.
  • I very often wonder: if there is a God, then why do so many disasters happen in the world? I think of the earthquakes,  floods  and draughts... Maybe I am sinning by thinking this, but He who is so great and can do everything, why doesn’t help to prevent these things?

    A. I.

  • As long as I was strong enough I always went to Sunday Mass in the parish church. For some months now, I have been unable to move and - with great difficulty - I must get used to this situation that seems slowly getting worse. I would like to know if following the Holy Mass on the television, which is broadcast on public and private channels, has the same value as going to Church, obviously with the difference of not being able to take the Holy Communion! Am I still following the third commandment this way?